Appointment Information

Although The Cosmetik Clinic aims to run the clinic efficiently, with appointments on time, there may be occasions when the clinic is running behind schedule. Your practitioner will ensure that you are seen as soon as possible should these circumstances arise.

If you are running late for your appointment, you must notify the clinic as soon as possible. In such circumstances, The Cosmetik Clinic reserves the right to alter the order of appointments for the remaining clinic session, thereby possibly further delaying your appointment. You will also risk losing your deposit.

You will not loose your deposit if you reschedule your appointment within 2 working days of the original cancelled appointment.

Consultation Forms and Medical Questionnaires

All our treatments require us to hold information regarding our patients personal details along with medical information, we carry this out with the utmost care and endeavour for this information to only be used internally. No information will ever be sold to third parties.

As part of your treatment you will be required to complete a medical questionnaire in which we will ask questions about past conditions. It is your responsibility to disclose all information required and The Cosmetik Clinic will not be held responsible for anything not disclosed.

Changes to your medical status must be relayed to a member of The Cosmetik Clinic team before any further treatments are carried out.