Permanent Make Up

Permanent Make-up Treatments

Imagine waking up every day looking as good as you did the night before. That’s what happens when you have had any permanent make up treatment from the Cosmetik Clinic.

Our treatments not only deliver a permanent solution to great make-up, but they will also subtly enhance and highlight your natural beauty.

Permanent Make up is ideal for people with a busy lifestyle who simply don’t have the time or patience to apply make-up every day, but still want to look fabulous.  It’s also a great solution for anyone whose job relies on them looking glamorous day in, day out.  Our clients are also made up of many athletes who want to look as good after exercise as they do before!

From a medical perspective, permanent make up is ideal for people who are allergic to cosmetics; or for people with reduced hand movements or restricted eyesight who find make-up application difficult.

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Our Treatments

The Cosmetik Clinic has practitioners who are licensed and qualified to perform a range of permanent make-up treatments including:

Eyebrow Treatments:

Microblading is the most intricate way of filling your brows without the hassle of having to reapply each morning! This semi-permanent procedure looks just like actual hairs, building your brow to best compliment your natural shape.  Microblading is the perfect solution for people suffering from hair loss, over plucking or gaps in the brows, eliminating the need to draw on your brows every day.

The procedure creates such fine ‘brows’ that there is no fear of them looking too heavy or bold.

Before we start the treatment, we carry out a full consultation with you. This is normally done ahead of the actual treatment, though sometimes it can be done at the time of the first treatment. A member of the Cosmetik Clinic team will talk with you about the whole process, from aftercare advice and colour choices, right through to the look you are trying to achieve and what we recommend. Once we have an idea of the look you are aiming for, we draw the brows on with a makeup pencil to create a templated shape. These can be drawn on and adjusted as many times as necessary- We don’t start the treatment until you are 100% happy with the look we have created.  We then take a photo of you with your drawn on brows which we then copy during the microblading process.

A second appointment is needed 4-8 weeks after your initial treatment. This is usually a shorter appointment to add more pigment to the brow area. You will find that as the brows start to heal, some areas may appear patchy due to the skin not “holding” the ink as well. This is completely normal, and although everyone heals differently, it’s the reason we always book a touch-up appointment so we can add extra colour to the areas needed!

Our eyebrow microblading treatments include:

  • Full Set of Microblading (2 or 3 Sessions – 1st Treatment, 6 Week Top Up and a 3rd Top Up
  • 0 -12 Month Top Up Microblading
  • 12-18 Month Top Up Microblading

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Eye Liner Treatments

Semi-permanent eyeliner is the ideal treatment for highlighting and showcasing your eyes. Whether it’s a subtle stroke of liner to enhance the size of the eye, a bold and daring flick to match your Vintage makeup style, or even a touch of colour to exaggerate the length of your eyelashes, our eye-liner treatments are the answer.

Our treatments are designed to frame your eye in whichever style you desire, again without the hassle of trying to apply an eye-liner yourself.   The treatments are very subtle with the advantage of avoiding a ‘Panda’ eye look by the end of the day.  They are also water and sleep proof, meaning your eyes will look beautiful every day.

As with all our semi-permanent make up treatments, we first conduct a consultation with our clients when we discuss colour choices and the style of liner you want to achieve. Again, once we have an idea of the style you are aiming for, we draw the eyeliner on with a makeup pencil to create a templated shape. Only when you are happy with the shape and style of the liner will we carry out the treatment.

Our eye-liner treatments include:

  • Small Eyeliner
  • Large Eyeliner
  • Eyeliner Top Up
Eyeliner Treatment

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Eyelash Enhancements

If you are looking for a long lasting, smudge and waterproof treatment to define and accentuate your eyes then eyelash enhancements are for you.  At the Cosmetik Clinic this permanent make up treatment can give the lashes a thicker appearance enhancing the natural beauty of the eyes. It is ideal for those without lashes or with sparse lashes and can be a great help for anybody who has difficulty in applying eyeliner. We can create a look from beautiful naturally defined lash enhancements to an ultra-thick liner if so desired.

Like our other eye-liner treatments, this procedure involves tattooing a light black line of ink across the lash line, creating a natural finish. The area is numbed first, and then thin liner is tattooed right in the lash line, between the lashes to create the illusion of thicker, darker, and completely full lashes without looking lined or like obvious makeup.

Similar to microblading, this treatment lasts around 4-6 weeks, so one or two touch-up sessions will be required. However, once your touch-ups are complete, the results last up to 3-5 years.

Our eye-lash enhancement tattoos can be added to your top or lower lash line, or both, adding an instant noticeable definition to your eyes.

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Lip Tattooing Treatments

Whether you put lipstick on daily to enhance your lips’ natural colour, or over-line the shape to create a fuller look, we can make a dramatic change to your daily makeup routine with one of our semi-permanent lip treatments.

We offer either a simple Lip Liner enhancement to sharpen and even your natural shape, or full lip contour treatment which is perfect for the lady who wants a slightly more made up finish that shades the lip.

We offer a selection of colours to ensure you find the one that suits your look and skin tone.

As with all our semi-permanent treatments, we carry out a full consultation prior to carrying out the treatment to ensure we get the correct colour and shape that you have in mind.

We gently apply pigment to the lips using very fine needles. The process normally takes about two hours, but it varies from person to person depending on your individual requirements. Immediately after a treatment you should expect the area to look 40-50% more intense than the colour you have chosen in consultation. This will start to fade after a few days.

A second appointment is needed 8-10 weeks after your first treatment. This is usually a 90-minute appointment to add more pigment to the lip area because, as the area is healing, some parts may not ‘hold’ as well as others and you may have a few patches that need more colour. This is completely normal, and everyone heals differently. Whatever the case, we advise you to come back to the clinic for a further retouch.

Our lip tattooing treatments include:

  • Full Lip Contour
  • Lip Stain
  • Lip Top Up
Lip Tattooing

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