Laser Treatments – The Solution to Beautiful Skin

Laser Treatments

At the Cosmetik Clinic we offer hi-tech cutting-edge skin transforming solutions for both men and women delivered via a bespoke laser treatment plans made just for you.

Our advanced, non-invasive treatments and science-led skin care work are designed to give you the beautiful skin you always dreamed of.

Treatments at the clinic are only performed by fully qualified practitioners and all patients are offered a free, comprehensive consultation prior to commencing treatment.

The Cosmetik Clinic is regulated by the Healthcare Inspectorate Wales, the independent inspectorate and regulator of all health care across the region

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Our Treatments

Our laser treatments range from tattoo and hair removal to skin rejuvenation treatments for acne and other skin disorders.

Hair Removal:

At the Cosmetik Clinic out team is fully licensed and approved by the local health authority and the procedures we carry out are safe and simple.  Unwanted hair is a cosmetic issue which has a significant psychological impact on those who suffer with this problem.

Laser hair removal provides a fast removal of unwanted hair from large areas of the body with few side effects. In most cases, this technology provides longer lasting hair removal and can permanently destroy individual hair follicles.

The part of the hair we see is the shaft; the portion below the surface is the root which together with its epithelial and connective tissue covering is called the hair follicle.   At the bottom of the hair follicle is the papilla, a little mound of tissue containing capillaries that deliver the nourishment to the cells of the follicle.

Just above the papilla is a group of epithelial cells which multiply giving rise to the cells of the hair. These are the cells we aim to destroy with the heat generated by the laser light.

Hair has different subtypes of melanin which determine its colour, the darker eumelanin which creates black/brown hair absorbs the most energy and therefore darker hair responds the best to laser treatment. As hair ages the melanin content declines and hair becomes grey and consequently responds less well to the treatment.

Laser treatment uses the principal of selective photothermolysis in which carefully timed pulses of laser energy pass through the skin and are absorbed and converted to heat energy at the hair follicle, the heat generated destroying the epithelial cells that produce the hair. .

Multiple laser treatments are necessary for best results, and usually at least six treatments over the course of a year will be necessary for good long term results.

We regularly carry out laser hair removal treatments on the following areas:

  • Women: Upper Lip, Chin, Cheeks, Neck, Full Face, Arms, Abdomen, Bikini line, legs
  • Men: Chest, Beard Reshaping, Upper Cheeks, Back Shoulders.

As with all our treatments, we offer a full consultation with all patients before carrying out any laser hair removal work.

Laser Treatment

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Laser Tattoo Removal

A percentage of people who have tattoos sometimes regret the decision at a later date for a whole host of reasons.  For some, having a tattoo can cause psychological distress; for others it can mean difficulty in getting a job.  Whatever the reason the Cosmetik Clinic can help.  We are equipped with the very latest in laser technology which has a proven record of successful tattoo removal.


Our Laser machines offer an extremely effective method of tattoo removal without the major problems associated with other techniques.  The treatment is carried out only by qualified practitioners and we are registered to deliver these treatments by the  local health authority. All safety standards and procedures are met to ensure patient and staff well-being.


With laser tattoo removal, there is normally no lasting damage to the skin or surrounding tissue. The whole procedure is repeated several times, usually at four to six weekly intervals, sometimes longer, so allowing time for the body to remove as much pigment as possible.


Due to the very many variations in size, colour and type, there is no such thing as an average tattoo. So, the number of treatments depends on the body’s own defence mechanism and how effective it is. As a guide, most Indian ink tattoos should respond with between one and ten treatments. Coloured professional tattoos can take longer, usually between eight and fifteen treatments.

Our treatments

We are able to remove tattoos from all areas of the body. Every patient will undergo a one-to-one consultation prior to treatments.

Laser Tattoo Removal

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Laser Acne Treatments

The Cosmetik Clinic offers tried and tested laser treatments for people suffering from skin problems including acne, rosacea and psoriasis.

Acne occurs when oil secreting glands in the skin get clogged and become inflamed and infected, this often occurs in adolescence affecting up to 90% of teenagers as hormonal changes associated with puberty affect the constituency of the sebum that these glands produce .This process leads to the classical teenage acne spots with white heads and black heads where the sebum is exposed to air but still stuck in the pore.

The most common area’s for outbreaks are the face, shoulder’s, back and chest,

These blocked pores become colonised with anaerobic bacteria, this means they thrive only in an oxygen free environment and it is the interaction between the laser light, which is well absorbed by the red spots and the bacteria which destroys this oxygen free environment and therefore kills the bacteria. It also has an effect on the release of histamines which contribute to the intense red inflamed look that the spots of many acne sufferers have.

The treatment for acne has been developed over the years, and at the Cosmetik Clinic we usually employ a protocol of three treatments carried out at four-week intervals with top up treatments every four months as may be required. The treatment takes approximately 20 minutes and is a warm to hot sensation as the laser fires pulses at the skin’s surface, there are no after effects in terms of bruising or blistering.  Our treatments also help to prevent long-term scarring.

We always advised clients that laser treatment is an alternative line treatment for those whose condition proves resistant to topical or oral preparations, or those who do not want to take antibiotics long-term.

Every client is offered a free, one-to-one consultation prior to starting treatment.

Our treatments

We regularly carry out laser acne treatments for men, women and adolescents on the face, cheeks, shoulders and upper back.

Laser Acne Treatment

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Laser Vein Removal

Highly visible and red or purple in appearance, thread veins (medically known as telangiectasia) occur when veins become weak or damaged, leading to a backup of blood as it can no longer be effectively pumped around. Although they common occur as a result of varicose veins, the two conditions are different from each other.

There are a number of causes of thread veins including:

  • Genetic predisposition
  • Temperature changes
  • Hormonal changes
  • Prolonged sitting
  • Prolonged standing
  • Obesity
  • Inactivity
  • Impact
  • Trauma

Smoking and alcohol are also considered risk factors, along with exposure to the sun.

Although thread veins alone aren’t a health concern, they do present a cosmetic issue that most people would rather have removed. Covering them up is an easy solution in winter but during the warmer months, for many people they can be a cause of anxiety and low self-esteem.

Using cutting-edge laser technology, we can safely and quickly remove thread veins.  For the permanent removal of thread veins, we use this technology in-clinic treatments, which allow us to treat deep set thread veins, along with those closer to the surface of the skin:

Our Treatments

Our non-invasive procedures offer permanent results and can be carried out on treatments on the face as well as the body.

Laser Vein Removal

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