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Spa treatmentsIf you’ve never experienced a spa day before, you might not know quite what’s in store. To help you to enjoy this experience to the full, the team at the Cosmetik Clinic in Gorseinon has come up with these tips so you and your friends get the most out of your spa day.

What to Wear at a Spa?

This is a question we are frequently asked.  But you really needn’t worry what you wear (unless you’re going somewhere afterwards) as you’ll be spending much of your time in a robe. We want our guests to be as comfortable as possible, so non-restrictive garments (such as yoga bottoms, lounge pants, T-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies) are encouraged at most spas.

You are more than welcome to bring your own robe, but this is not compulsory. We offer a complimentary, freshly laundered robe for you to wear during your visit.  We do ask clients to let us know in advance if they have any special requirements or allergies as we always want our guests to feel as comfortable as possible during their stay.

What you wear under your robe will depend on what treatments you have booked. In general, you should wear either swimwear or underwear. If your booked treatment requires full or partial nudity, you will be given time to undress before the treatment starts. When it comes to footwear, we encourage guests to wear slippers or flip-flops, particularly if they are using our flotation tanks.

What Happens When You Arrive?

If it is your first time visiting the spa, it is likely you’ll be asked to complete a health questionnaire upon arriving at reception. You will  also be offered some refreshments.

Once you’ve completed the requested forms, you’ll be directed to a changing area, so you can put on a robe (with underwear or swimwear underneath). You’ll then receive a tour of the spa  facilities.

What can You expect during your spa treatments?

Our spa treatments start with a consultation. The therapist will ask you questions about the condition of your skin, in order to tailor the treatment to your specific needs. The therapist should then talk you through the stages of the treatment, explaining the purpose and benefits of each. If you’re unsure which garments you need to remove for any treatment, simply ask the therapist.

During your treatments, you can engage in as much, or as little, conversation with the therapist as you wish. Never be afraid to ask for anything which may make your experience more relaxing or comfortable.

Before you leave the spa, you may be asked if you’re interested in booking another spa session to incorporate different treatments; but booking further treatments is not obligatory.

What Treatments Can you Have at the Cosmetik Clinic?

When it comes to relaxation and that ‘feel good’ feeling, there is simply no better way to spend a day than at the Cosmetik Clinic Spa.  You can relax in our spa room and enjoy a therapeutic massage; a healing float in one of our flotation tanks; or a combination of both. For a real pampering session, you can also include an Alumier Deluxe facial, a cleanse, exfoliate, mask and scalp massage.

These are just some of the spa treatments available at the Cosmetik Clinic.  To see the full range please view our full price list here.  To book one of our spa sessions, you can call us on the number below or visit our website 


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